EuroWindoor Strategy and Statute

EuroWindoor Strategy and Statute


The mission of EuroWindoor (EW) is to represent the interest of the European window, door and facade manufacturers through close dialogue with EU and other relevant institutions. Thereby contributing to the EU’s commitment regarding better regulation as well as job creation, energy security, resource efficiency and carbon emission reductions without imposing unnecessary burdens on the sector.


To be a valued stakeholder for EU institutions when developing legal framework with impact on the European window, door and facade sector.


Ensure window and door products are on the agenda as a positive product

Daylight providers providing energy efficiency and better comfort and health in buildings

Ensure sufficient knowledge of key EU regulation for the industry

Monitor and react on key relevant EU legislation and initiatives. Make sure key EU regulation does not take us by surprise

Work for Better regulation for the industry

Unnecessary burdens and double regulation to be avoided

Support to replacement agenda in Europe

Window, door and facade contribute to energy savings and better comfort in Europe

Contribution to sustainability and recyclability agenda

Secure that products are fairly assessed on technical verified facts

Securing a strong and efficient organization

Seen as a constructive cooperation partner, that are agile and can react and contribute within the necessary time span

Key activities

Topics from the activity plan after a thorough review where all remaining and possible new activities shall be link to one or more of the overall targets and prioritized accordingly.