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Research and Education

  • Study Tour
  • Smart Windows
  • Servowood Project
  • EuroWindoor offers Study Tours for the sector

    EuroWindoor facilitates relations among the members and fosters close cooperative relationships, which should interlink all branch members in all European countries (one of the objectives of EuroWindoor according to the statute Art. 3). Promoting cooperation within Europe is an important task of EuroWindoor and leads to a strengthening of the sector in all European matters. Participants get an insight into the wood industry of the visited country and are able to establish new European contacts. The experiences and conversations made during these study tours serve to further education and expand the knowledge of the participants and will be useful for their daily business.

    EuroWindoor keeps the tradition of FEMIB (Federation of the European Building Joinery Associations) to organize study tours in the frame of its division “wood”. The last FEMIB study tours visited

    • 2009 Austria – Graz
    • 2010 Sweden – Växjö
    • 2012 Switzerland – Zürich
    • 2014 The Netherlands – Huizen


    Since the re-foundation 2015 of EuroWindoor AISBL the study tours are organised by EuroWindoor and visited/ visits

    • 2016 Finland- Tampere
    • 2018 Germany- Berlin


    All Study Tours were successful in developing the sector of window, doors and curtain wall facades.

  • Smart windows today and tomorrow

    In the magazine European Energy Innovation (Winter 2015) an article "Smart windows today and tomorrow" by Frank Koos, Secretary General of EuroWindoor AISBL gives an overview on the development of Smart Windows.

    Download of the article "Smart windows today and tomorrow"

  • EuroWindoor participation in the SERVOWOOD project

    The strategic objective of the SERVOWOOD project is to develop and establish European Standards that will facilitate the prediction of service life for exterior wood coatings. The SERVOWOOD project will develop a service life prediction methodology which can be incorporated into the portfolio of European Standards for exterior wood coatings. To this end the project brings together experts on wood coatings from the relevant European Standards Committee with representatives from trade associations and others in the supply chain. CEPE acts as the Co-ordinator of Servowood and will take the lead role in WP9 in consortium management. CEPE will integrate the results of the service life prediction methodologies into their LCA software, providing the EU based paint and coating manufacturers and end users a bespoke tool capable of predicting the total lifecycle assessment of a coating.