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EuroWindoor published the new edition of Guidance Sheet KB.01 “Power operated Windows”

EuroWindoor adopted in the last Directing Council meeting on June 26th, 2020 the new edition of the Guidance Sheet KB.01 “Power operated Windows”

EuroWindoor takes account that today sliding and lifting sliding (door height) windows are often equipped with entrapment protection like motor current monitoring, which was missing in the Table 4 of the previous edition. Furthermore some clarifications on “Commissioning” in the new chapter 9 are helpful for manufacturers. As well some modified wordings in Table 2 shall clarify the “Use of room”.
This Guidance Sheet supports the manufacturers of windows and provides a code of practice with approaches to technical solutions and information on how to use power-operated windows, aiming to help making window operation safe without major risks.

New Edition of the EuroWindoor Guidance Sheet KB.01:2020-06 “Power operated Windows”

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